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Communications Portfolio

i have 3+ years experience in charity communications and journalism, specialising in social media management, content creation and copywriting. I am proficient in WordPress CMS, Google Analytics (GA4) and Mailchimp. I am dedicated to building inclusive and accessible digital spaces. 

A snapshot of my work at Rays of Sunshine
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Wish Stories

My goal with this project was to craft a compelling online presence that showcases the organisation's impact, drives engagement through their newsletter "Sunshine News," and increases website traffic from social media posts.


Wish Community

Led a collaborative effort with the events team to define the positioning of our community events within the organisation. I developed a distinct mini-brand identity (Wish Community Events: With Rays of Sunshine a wish is really just the beginning...) with a dedicated marketing strategy including targeted emails and webpages. This comprehensive approach resulted in 20+ sold-out events and attracted over 1360 attendees.

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Social media

By revitalising Rays of Sunshine's social media, I not only increased brand awareness and fostered a sense of community, but also directly contributed to the organisation's goals through successful challenge event sign-ups. This project exemplifies my ability to develop and implement a social media strategy that drives engagement, brand growth, and measurable results.




Corporate Partnerships

I led the redesign of the corporate partnerships page, crafting compelling content that effectively communicates the value proposition of partnering with Rays of Sunshine. I spearheaded the communications development of a collaborative campaign with Bird and Blend, a key corporate partner. This included a social media takeover day on their platforms, a dedicated blog post on their website, and co-created content promoting the partnership across Rays of Sunshine's channels.


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Looker Dashboard

I constructed a comprehensive dashboard utilising to deliver insightful monthly reports to the Senior Management Team (SMT). This centralised platform provided a clear and concise overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) for our website, Mailchimp campaigns, and social media presence. By presenting the data in a visually compelling format, I ensured the SMT remained on top of crucial metrics and could make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

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